Understand messages that appear on the fax standby screen of your MX922 printer

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Learn about messages that may appear on the fax screen of your PIXMA MX922 printer -- what the messages mean and what actions you should take.


On-screen messages and resoultions

Auto redial

The machine is waiting to redial the recipient's number because the line was busy or the recipient did not answer when you tried to send a document. Wait for the machine to automatically redial the number. If you want to cancel automatic redialing, wait until the machine starts dialing the number, then press the Stop button. You can also delete the document from machine's memory to cancel automatic redialing.

This group dial cannot be used. Coded speed dial ##

You selected a coded speed dial code to which a group is registered with the Hook button pressed. A coded speed dial code to which a group is registered cannot be used in this way.

Replace the receiver

The handset is not placed in the cradle correctly. Adjust it so it is.

Try again in black & white

The recipient's fax machine is not color-compatible. Press the Black button to resend the fax. Alternatively, you select [ Send in black & white ] for [ Color transmission ] in [ Advanced FAX settings ] under [ FAX settings ]. The machine converts color documents into black and white data if the recipient's fax machine does not support color.

Failed to connect

The telephone line cable with a modular plug may not be plugged in properly. Make sure that the cable is plugged in properly, and resend the fax after a while. If you still cannot send the fax, select [ OFF ] for [ Dial tone detect ] in [ Advanced FAX settings ] under [ FAX settings ].

Received in memory

If the machine receives a fax under one of the following conditions, the machine cannot print the received fax and stores it in memory. The fax prints after the problem is resolved. 
  • Check the amount of remaining ink and replace the tank if necessary.
  • If there is no paper, load some and press OK.
  • If the paper specified is a different size than the paper loaded in the tray, load the correct size and press OK.
  • You pressed Stop to cancel the fax from printing. Press FAX to resume printing.
  • Do not print is selected for Received documents in Auto print settings under FAX settings. You can print the faxes stored in the machine's memory from the Memory reference screen in the Fax menu.

Busy/no signal

The number you dialed is busy. Wait a moment, check the number, and try again. If the recipient still does not respond, contact them and ask them to check the fax machine on their end. It is possible the touch tone or pulse setting is incorrect. Make sure both machines are using the same technology as the telephone line.

Memory is full

The machine's memory is full because it has sent or received too many documents. You can either print the faxes stored in memory or save them to a USB drive and then clear them.

Awaiting document processing

The received faxes were not saved on the USB flash drive automatically because either there is no USB flash drive or files cannot be written to it. Press OK, insert a USB drive, and then save the stored faxes.

Fax info does not match

The transmission is canceled because the machine could not detect the recipient's fax machine information or the information did not match the dialed number. This message is displayed when [ Check RX FAX information ] in [ Security control ] under [ FAX settings ] is set to [ ON ].

Reception rejected

Reception of the fax is rejected because the fax matches the fax rejection condition specified by FAX reception reject in Security control under FAX settings.

Waiting for report output...

If the machine receives a fax under one of the following conditions, the machine cannot print the reports. When the problem is resolved as described, the reports are printed automatically.
  • There is not enough ink - replace the ink tank
Note: If you do not have another ink tank available, you can toggle the printer's Print when out of ink setting.  This can be found by pressing the MENU button on the printer.  Then, navigate to Setup --> Device settings --> FAX settings --> Auto print settings --> Print when out of ink.  If you change this setting to Print, then any reports waiting to print will be printed.  It is recommended that you replace the ink tank as soon as possible.  Incoming faxes will print under the low ink condition.  However, if the ink runs out, you will need to ask the sender to re-send the faxes after replacing the ink tank.
  • There is no paper - load paper and press OK.
  • The paper in the tray is not the same size as the fax specifies - load the correct size and press OK.
  • You pressed the Stop button to cancel printing - press the FAX button to resume printing. 
  • You pressed the Stop button to cancel printing of a report.

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