Use a Wi-Fi adapter (W-E1) to send images from your camera to a computer - EOS 7D Mark II
Article ID: ART169045 | Date published: 11/28/2017 | Date last updated: 11/30/2017


Learn how to connect a camera equipped with a W-E1 Wi-Fi adapter to send images to a computer.


You can transfer images from your camera to a computer over Wi-FI when you use the Wi-Fi Adapter - W-E1 (sold separately). 


  • Connect the Wi-Fi adapter W-E1 to your camera.
  • Connect both the computer and the Wi-Fi adapter to the same network.
  • Install Canon Camera Connect on a device running Android or iOS. Canon Camera Connect is available from Google Play or the App Store. The app also allows you to use remote shoot and location information.
  • The camera must have a Compact Flash card installed for storing images before wireless transfer.
  • Wireless security, transmission range, and transfer speed vary by environment.

Check camera firmware

  1. Turn on the camera.
  2. Press menu and navigate to [  firmware ver.] If the version is 1.1.0 or later, you can use W-E1. If the firmware is lower, get the latest firmware.
  3. With valid firmware, turn off the camera
  4. Insert the W-E1 into the SD card slot of the camera. Make sure there is a compact flash (CF) card also installed.
  5. Turn on the camera.
  6. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen.
  7. Press  <  > button and select the [  ] tab.
    Q button Wrench page
  8. Turn the <  > dial to select the [  ] tab.
    Rotary dial Wrench tab, third page
  9. Turn the <  > dial to select [Wi-Fi function], then press <  >.
    Multifunction dialWi-Fi function selection 
  10. When selecting this setting for the first time, a screen to register a nickname is displayed. This nickname appears on the other device when you are connecting them. If you have already set a nickname skip to the next step. Otherwise, select [OK], enter up to 10 characters, press <MENU>, turn the rotary dial to select [OK], and press <set>.
    Note: Refer to Use the virtual keyboard for instructions on entering characters.
  11. The [Wi-Fi function] screen appears and basic camera settings are complete.

Connect the camera to a computer

  1. Make sure the computer is on.
  2. Turn the  <  > dial, select [  ] (Remote control (EOS Utility)), and press the <  > button.
    Computer icon
  3. Turn the <  > dial, select [Easy connection] and press the <  > button.
    Easy connection
  4. Turn the <  > dial, select [OK] and press <  >.
    OK selection
  5. In the computer's Wi-Fi menu, connect to the SSID and enter the encryption key displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera. The SSID has _CanonA at the end.
  6. At the camera, select [OK] and press <  >.
    OK selection
  7. The following message is displayed. "******" represents the last six digits of the MAC address of the W-E1.
    Pairing in progress
  8. Start EOS Utility on the computer.
  9. In EOS Utility, select Pairing over Wi-Fi/LAN. If a firewall-related message is displayed, select Yes.
  10. Select the camera to connect to, then click Connect.
  11. When a connection is established, the camera displays a confirmation screen. Select [OK] and press <   >. 
  12. The [  Wi-Fi on] screen appears. To return to the menu, press the <MENU> button.

Download images to the computer

  1. In the main windows of EOS Utility, select Download images to computer.
  2. You can choose to start an automatic download or select and download specific images.
  3. When Select and download is selected, a thumbnail view of the images on the memory card appears. Select the checkbox for the images to download and select Download.
    Note: Use [  ] to change thumbnail order, [ ​ ] to filter for movie files, and [  ] to make various sorting selections.
  4. When Start automatic download is selected, select a destination folder and select OK.
  5. After the images are downloaded, select Quit to close EOS Utility.