Fix inconsistencies in RAW images edited with Digital Photo Professional by saving them in another format

Article ID: ART169065 | Date published: 11/28/2017 | Date last updated: 09/11/2018


Be aware that RAW images edited with Digital Photo Professional may vary by version number. We recommend saving your images in a widely-used format to increase consistency across software versions.


To perform the latest image processing with enhanced adequacy, the RAW image processing technology of Digital Photo Professional continues to be refined and improved.



Therefore, depending on the version number, same RAW images may generate results with slight differences when they are developed and editing effects of RAW images with recipe data that have been subjected to extensive editing may differ as well.



If you want to save the images that have been developed and edited with the version that you are currently using, it is recommended that you convert the images to the JPEG or the TIFF format before saving.

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