Eliminate black spots in images - EOS 7D Mark II

Article ID: ART169076 | Date published: 11/28/2017 | Date last updated: 11/28/2017


Learn how to eliminate the consistent appearance of black spots in images. 


If certain kinds of black stains, dots, or dust are always visible in the same areas on images captured with the camera, dirt or dust may have adhered to the image sensor (CMOS).


Clean the image sensor, prevent dust from appearing in images

When changing the lens on a Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera or Interchangeable-Lens Compact System Camera, depending on the environment and situation, it is possible for particles and dust in the air to attached to the image sensor.



The camera is equipped with a Self Cleaning Sensor Unit to remove dust from the front side of the image sensor automatically. For more information, please refer to Automatic Sensor Cleaning (EOS 7D Mark II).
For more information on cleaning the sensor manually without using the Self Cleaning Sensor Unit, please refer to Manual Sensor Cleaning (EOS 7D Mark II).



If the dirt or dust cannot be removed by the means above, please consult a Canon repair center.


Removing dust from images using the software that came with your camera

The Digital Photo Professional software that came with your camera* has a function that you can use to remove unnecessary spots (dust and dirt) in images and blend those areas in with their surroundings. For details, please see the Digital Photo Professional instruction manual.*
*If the abovementioned items (Digital Photo Professional software/Instruction Manual) were not included with you camera, please download them from the Canon homepage.

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