MP Navigator EX Crashes After Updating to macOS 10.13 0r later

Article ID: ART169089 | Date published: 12/01/2017 | Date last updated: 02/22/2019


This article lists the steps needed to resolve crashing issues with MP Navigator EX after upgrading  macOS 


If you experience the MP Navigator EX Quit Unexpectedly error, or the program does not start or other errors in macOS  follow the steps below.
  1. Delete MP Navigator EX from Applications -> Canon Utilities and the TWAIN driver (Library -> Image Capture -> TWAIN Data Sources) for your model.  Then, reinstall these items from the Canon USA website.
  2. After reinstalling the driver and MP Navigator EX, navigate to the Canon Utilities folder in Applications.
  3. Open the new copy of MP Navigator EX that was just installed.  If this opens, control-click on the icon for MP Navigator EX in the dock and select Options --> Keep in Dock.

This applies to the following models:
5600F   MG2120   MP250
9000F   MG3100 Series   MP280
LiDE 110   MG5120    
LiDE 210   MG5220   PIXMA MX
LiDE 700F   MG5320   MX430 Series
    MG6220   MX512
    MG8220   MX712

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