Approximate Recording Times with a Fully Charged Battery Pack (VIXIA GX10)

Article ID: ART169115 | Date published: 12/06/2017 | Date last updated: 12/06/2017


Approximate Recording Times with a Fully Charged Battery Pack (VIXIA GX10)


The usage times in the following tables are approximate and were measured under the following conditions. Actual times may vary.
  • Only the LCD screen was used.
  • "Typical recording" times measure recording times with repeated operations such as start/stop recording, zooming and turning on/off the camcorder.
The effective usage time of the battery pack may decrease when using a bright screen setting, when recording in cold surroundings, etc.
  • We recommend that you prepare battery packs to last 2 to 3 times longer than you think you might need.

Video configurationUsage conditionsBattery pack
Resolution (bit rate)Frame rateBP-820 (optional)BP-828 (supplied)
3840x2160 (150 Mbps)59.94PRecording (maximum)80 min.120 min.
Recording (typical)40 min.60 min.
Playback115 min.175 min.
29.97PRecording (maximum)100 min.150 min.
Recording (typical)45 min.70 min.
Playback135 min.205 min.
1920x1080 (35 Mbps)59.94PRecording (maximum)90 min.145 min.
Recording (typical)45 min.70 min.
Playback145 min.220 min.
29.97PRecording (maximum)110 min.165 min.
Recording (typical)50 min.80 min.
Playback150 min.230 min.
1280x720 (8 Mbps)59.94PRecording (maximum)95 min.140 min.
Recording (typical)45 min.70 min.
Playback150 min.230 min.
1280x720 (4 Mbps)29.97PRecording (maximum)115 min.170 min.
Recording (typical)55 min.80 min.
Playback155 min.235 min.



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