Battery performance (VIXIA HF G21)

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Battery performance (VIXIA HF G21)


Recording and playback times given in the following tables are approximate and vary according to recording mode and charging, recording or playback conditions. The times are based on using the LCD screen. The effective usage time of the battery pack may decrease when recording in cold surroundings, when using the brighter screen settings, etc.
  • We recommend that you prepare battery packs to last 2 to 3 times longer than you think you might need.

  • Recording AVCHD movies
Battery packRecording modeRecording (maximum)Recording (typical)*Playback
BP-82028 Mbps LPCM (59.94P) / 28 Mbps (59.94P)155 min.95 min.270 min.
17 Mbps170 min.105 min.285 min.
5 Mbps175 min.100 min.295 min.
BP-82828 Mbps LPCM (59.94P) / 28 Mbps (59.94P)230 min.145 min.405 min.
17 Mbps250 min.160 min.425 min.
5 Mbps260 min.160 min.440 min.

  • Recording MP4 movies
Battery packRecording modeRecording (maximum)Recording (typical)*Playback
BP-82035 Mbps (59.94P)155 min.95 min.270 min.
17 Mbps185 min.115 min.290 min.
3 Mbps190 min.115 min.310 min.
BP-82835 Mbps (59.94P)230 min.140 min.400 min.
17 Mbps275 min.170 min.435 min.
3 Mbps295 min.185 min.465 min.

* Approximate times for recording with repeated operations such as start/stop, zooming, and power on/off.



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