Using the Smartphone Copy Feature of Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY (Android)

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This article explains how to use the Smartphone Copy feature of Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY on an Android device.



With Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY, you can make a copy of a document or a picture using your mobile device.  You can also make perspective corrections to printed images using this feature.  Follow the steps below to use Smartphone Copy.

  • The images below were taken from an Android tablet.  Layouts may vary slightly depending on your Android device.
  1. From the main menu of Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY, tap Smartphone Copy.

    Note: If you receive a prompt stating that Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY wants to access your camera, tap Allow or the appropriate affirmative response.
  2. Place a document or picture on a flat, level surface.  Aim the camera so that the entirety of the image is in the frame.  Tap the shutter button on the screen to take a picture.

  • ‚ÄčThe images below were taken from an Android tablet. The camera interface and options may vary depending on your Android device.

Tapping the back button on your device will back out of this process.
  1. After you have taken a picture, you will see a preview image.  If you want to use this image, tap the appropriate affirmative option (depending on your device, you may see OK, a check mark, or something else to indicate an affirmative option).  If you do not like how this image looks and would like to take another picture of your image, tap the appropriate option (depending on your device, you may see a back arrow or the word RETRY).

  2. The Perspective Correction screen will appear.  Here, you can make adjustments to the frame (the green box).  You can adjust this frame as needed by dragging a point in one of the corners of the frame, or by dragging one of the points in the middle of each side of the frame.

    Tap Next to proceed to the next step.

    Tapping the question mark will bring up the following:

    Tap Close to close this information.  Make any adjustments to the green frame as needed.  Then, tap Next.

    Tapping the icon at the lower left (indicated by the black arrow) will reset the green frame to its default position.
  3. A preview image will appear.  This will show not only the area of the image as shown in the frame, but it will also show that the perspective has been corrected:

    You can rotate the image by tapping the rotate icon at the lower left (indicated by the blue box).  You can also make the image slightly lighter or darker by tapping on the brightness icon.  When active, the icon is blue and the image will appear slightly brighter.  When inactive, the image will be slightly darker and the icon will be black:

    Tap Done to proceed.
  4. A preview screen will appear.  Tap Next.

    The print options screen will appear.  Here, you can specify various print settings (number of copies, media type, paper size, etc.).  Tap Change settings if you want to make any adjustments to the options used for this print.  Tap Print to begin printing.


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