Wireless Set Up for Windows - PIXMA G4210 Printer

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Learn how to connect your PIXMA G4210 printer to a Wi-Fi network from a Windows PC.


Follow the steps below to set up your PIXMA G4210 on a Wi-Fi® network from a Windows computer.

These instructions are for a Windows computer. Refer to this article if you need setup instructions for a Mac®.

There are two parts to the setup process:

  1. Start the setup on your printer.
  2. Download and run the setup file on your computer.

1. Start the setup on your printer

  1. Press the Setup button (A) on your printer.

    Setup Button shown on printer panel (lower right corner)

  2. Use the right / left arrow buttons (B) to select Wireless LAN setup, then press the OK button.

    Wireless LAN Setup Button shown

  3. Select Easy WL connect, and press OK.

    Select setup method screen: Select Easy WL connect

  4. When the printer preparation is complete, the screen below will appear. Return to the application screen to continue the setup.
    Note It may take a few minutes for the printer to detect the screen changes.

    Easy WL connect screen: Follow the instructions on the PC or smartphone, etc.

2. Download and run the setup file on your computer

  1. Download the most recent setup file.
    Note Setup can also be performed by using the Setup CD.

  2. Read the information carefully taking note how to run the setup file if it doesn't start automatically. Then select Download.

  3. Select Start Setup.

    Start setup selected from initial screen

    Note Use the updated software found on internet only appears when using the Setup CD to install the drivers and software. Select this option to have the setup program obtain the latest drivers and software from the internet. If this option is not selected, the setup program will install the drivers and software contained on the CD.

  4. Select the appropriate region, then select Next.

    Region selected, then Next button
  5. Select Yes on the License Agreement screen to continue.

    Yes button selected on License Agreement screen
  6. Select Agree or Do Not Agree to the Extended Survey.

    Extended survey screen with Agree or Do Not Agree buttons as options
  7. Select Next on the Firewall Settings screen.

    Select Next chosen on Firewall Settings screen
  8. Select Yes on the Connection Method screen. 
    Note (Model #) is used as an example. Your model series number will appear in the setup program.

    Yes selected on Connection Method screen - model number appears on screen as an example
  9. Setup continues. If the Select wireless router screen (below) appears, select the wireless router to connect to the printer, enter the Network Key (password) and select Next.
    Note This screen may not appear, depending on your router and connection settings.

    Select wireless router screen with "My Router" chosen as an example, and Network Key (password) entered in the Network Key field.

  10. Setup continues. Wait for the process to finish.

    Setting up screen....setup is processing
  11. On the Connection completed screen, select Next. You are almost finished.

    Connection completed screen with Next button selected.
  12. On the Setup Complete screen, select Next.

    Setup Complete screen with Next selected.
  13. Select any optional application software you want to add (click on a checkbox to select or de-select an option), and select Next.

    Software Installation List screen with optional software selected via a checkbox.

  14. On the You Can Print.... screen, select Next.

    You Can Print from a Smartphone or Tablet info screen shown, with Next selected.
  15. Select Next or Skip on the User Registration screen.

    User Registration screen with Next or Skip options shown.
  16. Select Exit. You are now connected and ready to print wirelessly.

    Exit screen

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