Set Paper Size With AirPrint on an iOS Device

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Learn to register the correct paper size when you print with AirPrint on an iOS device.


Review the photo and document print information below.

Before you begin.

 When you print with AirPrint® from an iOS device, the default settings are:
  • Photos  - 4x6 Photo Paper

  • Documents - Letter size/plain paper

  • If your printer has the option to register paper information (found in Feed settings or Cassette settings based on the model) and the printer paper mismatch setting is enabled, you can specify the size and type of paper. AirPrint will use this information when you print a document or a photo.

  • Some models may default to printing on a 120 mm x 120 mm disc.

When you print photos

 These examples show a PIXMA MG6820 used with the registered paper information set to Letter size/ Plain Paper, when you print from the Photos app.

 Photos app Color, Letter setting.

  • The registered paper information is set to 5" x 7" Photo Paper Plus Glossy II.

5" x 7" Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

  • The registered paper information is set to 4" x 6" Photo Paper Plus Glossy II.

4" x 6" Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

 If the printer is not set to register paper information, it will use the defaults for AirPrint (4" x 6" photo paper in the Photos app).

 If you have a registered paper size and type set on your printer, note that when you print from Photos, you cannot specify the size and type of paper you wish to print on from within the Photos app.

When you print documents.

 Registered paper sizes will also appear when you print documents from an app.

  • When you use Safari after you specify Legal sized plain paper:

Legal sized plain paper

 Although the screenshot indicates that double-sided printing is enabled, you cannot print double-sided on Legal sized paper.

  • If you either have Letter sized plain paper registered in the printer, or if you have paper registration disabled, the size of the paper would not be shown.

The size of the paper would not be shown.

  • If your printer has more than one feed source, you are able to specify the paper size you want to print on if you have different sizes registered for each paper source. For example, the PIXMA TR8520 with 4" x 6" paper registered in the rear tray.

Multiple source.

Multiple source.

Additional information.

  • If both the rear tray and the cassette for the PIXMA TR8520 were set to use Letter sized plain paper, you would not be able to see the paper sizes to choose from.

  • If your printer supports plain paper from two different sources, the printer will feed paper from the default source.

    • For example, the PIXMA TR8520 would feed plain paper from the cassette.  However, if there was no plain paper in the cassette, or if the cassette was not inserted, then the printer would feed plain paper from the rear tray.

  • If your printer prints on discs, you will have an option to print on a 120 mm x 120 mm disc.

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