How to Update Scanner Firmware L-Series MFP Scanner (Video)

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How to Update Scanner Firmware L-Series MFP Scanner



1. Click [Here] to Go to the Canon USA web site.

2.  Enter MFP in the box and when your model appears select it and select Go.


2.  Select Drivers and Downloads and then Select the Firmware Tab.

3.  Find the latest Firmware file and then click Select.  Put a check in the box to accept the agreement and then click Download to download the file.

4.  With the Memory Stick in the PC, open downloaded file.

5..Extract the files to the memory stick. As most files need to be in a folder on the Memory Stick, do NOT drag contents from zip file onto the Memory Stick.

6. Insert the USB memory stick containing the firmware into the front USB port.

7. Use the Keypad buttons to navigate to the install firmware control.


8. When the firmware file finishes loading restart the scanner.

9. The firmware update is now complete.

Note:  The following Video was created by CanonBusinessAU and provides excellent visuals for updating the firmware.  The video shows updating the firmware at installation.


If you are having trouble viewing the video please click [Here].

The video was publishedon Oct 24, 2017.

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