MP11DX-2 power save feature

Article ID: ART169553 | Date published: 03/12/2018 | Date last updated: 08/01/2018


MP11DX-2 power save feature


The MP11DX-2 Desktop calculator has a power saving feature in which the calculator will go into power saving mode after approximately 7 minutes.  To wake the calculator up, you can simply press any key once.  This will turn the display back on returning you to the same spot that you left it.
For example:  If you were in the middle of an equation and had to leave the calculator for more than 7 minutes, the calculator enters the powe saving mode.  When you return, you simply tap any key once and your right where you left off.

Note:  Using the power switch to turn the printer back on will not maintain what you were working on.

This feature would normatlly be listed under specifications of the users instructions.  However, many of the instructions do not list this feature.

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