Cleaning the Pad in the Cassette - iP7220
Article ID: ART169749 | Date published: 03/23/2018 | Date last updated: 04/30/2019


If two or more sheets of paper are ejected from your PIXMA iP7220 when printing, the pad in the cassettes may need to be cleaned.



If the pad in a cassette is smeared with paper powder or dirt, two or more sheets of paper may be ejected. Follow the procedure below to clean the pad in a cassette.


You need to prepare: cotton swab

  1. Pull out the cassette (upper) or cassette (lower) from the printer, then remove all the paper.

  1. Clean the pad (A) sideways with a moistened cotton swab.


 After cleaning the smeared pad, dry it completely.

For the cassette (upper):


For the cassette (lower):


If the problem is not resolved, service is required.
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