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You can enter text when a keyboard is shown on the printer. Follow the procedure below.

figure: Text entry screen, showing keyboard
  1. Tap the character you want to enter. Text entry is case-sensitive.

    Switch between "lower case letters of the alphabet" and "numbers and symbols"
    Tap to switch between "lower case letters" and "numbers and symbols."
    Switch between upper and lower case letters, or switch symbol types
    While letters of the alphabet appear, tap to switch between upper and lower case letters. While numbers and symbols appear, tap to switch symbol types.
    Delete the character at the cursor
    Tap to insert a space.
    Insert a space
    Tap to delete the character at the cursor. Use Left or Right to move the cursor to the target character.
  2. Repeat 1 until text entry is complete.

Additional Information

  • To insert characters, move the cursor to the character on the right of the target position using Left or Right, and then tap characters.

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