Wireless Setup - TS9120 Manual (Standard) Connection
Article ID: ART169772 | Date published: 03/27/2018 | Date last updated: 06/23/2020


Learn how to connect your PIXMA TS9120 to a wireless network by manually entering the network passphrase on the operation panel.


Manual Wireless Setup

Setup instructions are also available in video format. Select your Operating System, below.


Manual connect

  1. Tap HOME.

    HOME screen

  2. Tap Network status (A).

    HOME screen: Select Network status

  3. Tap LAN settings.

    Basic network information screen: Select LAN settings

  4. Tap Wireless LAN.

    LAN settings screen: Select Wireless LAN

  5. Tap Wireless LAN setup.

    Wireless LAN screen: Select Wireless LAN setup

  6. Tap Manual connect.

    Wireless LAN setup screen: Select Manual connect

  7. Tap your wireless router.

    Wireless router selection screen

    If a different screen appears or no wireless router is found, see "Troubleshooting."

  8. One of the screens below will appear.

    If "Connected to the wireless router." appears, the network does not require a password. Continue from step 13.

    WEP key entry screen

    Passphrase entry screen

    If a different screen appears, see "Troubleshooting."

  9. Tap the input area.

  10. Enter the network password (WEP key or passphrase). Text entry is case-sensitive.

     Learn how to enter text.

    If you don't know the network password for your wireless router, see the wireless router manual or contact its manufacturer.

    Network key entry screen

  11. Tap OK.

    Network key entry screen

  12. Tap OK.

    WEP key confirmation screen

    Passphrase confirmation screen

  13. When the screen on the below appears, tap OK.

    Completion screen (Connected to the wireless router.)

    If a different screen appears, see "Troubleshooting."

  14. Tap HOME on the left side of the screen.

    When the connection is complete, Network status appears at the bottom left of the screen.

    HOME screen

  15. The network connection setup is now complete.

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