Documents outputs are crooked (skewed) while scanning - DR-C230/C240

Article ID: ART169931 | Date published: 04/05/2018 | Date last updated: 04/18/2018


If your output documents are crooked (skewed), there are several possible reasons:
  1. The original documents were not loaded properly or the document guides were not properly adjusted.
  2. It may be necessary to enable [Automatically straightens skewed] in the scanner driver settings.
  3. The rollers may be dirty or worn and need cleaning or replaced.


Standard paper feeding should be used when scanning multiple documents of a standard size at one time. Standard paper feeding enables multiple documents to be fed while separating each page.
  1. Open the document tray.

  2. Pull out the eject support.

    When placing long documents, pull out the document eject extension support to match the length of those documents. Also, stand the eject stopper at the end of the eject support if necessary.

    Pull out the eject support and document eject extension support.
  3. Pull out the feed support.
    Open the feed extension support when placing long documents.

  4. Set the feed selection lever to Normal mode.

  5. Adjust the document guides to fit the width of the document to be scanned.

  6. Place the document.

    After placing the document, align the document guides with both edges of the document.
  • When placing documents into the feed tray, take care not to cut your hands on the edges of the paper.
  • Before you place a document, check to make sure it does not contain paper clips, staples, or other small metal objects. These items may cause a fire or electrical shock, damage the document, or cause a paper jam or scanner malfunction.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that may get caught in the scanner while you are using it, as this may result in personal injury. Be extra careful of neckties and long hair. If anything gets caught in the scanner, immediately turn OFF the power switch, and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet to stop scanning.
  • Always smooth out any folds or curls in your documents before placing them into the feeder. If the leading edge of a document is curled, it may cause a paper jam.
  • If feeding stops due to a system error or paper jam while the scanner is scanning, resolve the problem, make sure that the scanned image of the last page that was successfully fed has been stored, and then resume scanning the remaining document pages.
  • After you finish scanning, close the document eject tray to prevent damage to the scanner while it is not being used.

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