Windows Driver Color Matching (imageCLASS)

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A brief guide for adjusting color setting on Windows for imageCLASS laser products.


Step 1: Open Devices and Printers
Step 2: Right-Click on the Canon Color Printer.  Select Printing Preferences.

Step 3: In Printing Preferences. Left-Click the Quality Tab.

Step 4: In the Quality Tab. Place a check in the Manual Color Settings box.

 Step 5: Select the Color Settings… button.

 Step 6: In the Color Settings window click the Matching Tab.

 Step 7: The Matching tab will have different options for different printers.

Below you will find the Matching Modes that may show up along with a short description.
Matching Mode
[Printer Default]
                Uses the printer default setting.
[Driver Matching Mode]
                Performs printer driver (computer) matching processing.
[Device Matching Mode]
                Performs matching processing at the printer.
[ICM Mode]
                Performs matching processing using the ICM function of the printer driver.
[Gamma Adjustment]
You can adjust the brightness of the print result so that the brightest parts and darkest parts of the image are not lost. This function is useful when you want to print brighter than the original image or change the brightness when printing. Select a gamma value from [Gamma].

[Environment Light Matching Mode [Kyuanos]]
Performs matching with appearance adjusted according to differences in lighting. Set [Monitor Color Space] and [Environment Light] under [Environment Light Matching Mode [Kyuanos]].
[No Driver Matching]
Select this function to perform the matching process in the application. If the matching process is performed in both the application and the printer or driver, colors may not be printed correctly.
                Select this when performing the matching process in the driver (computer) or at the printer.
[Do Not Use]
                Select this when performing the matching process in an application.
Step 8: After selecting the Matching Mode you can select a Matching Method.

Below you will find the Matching Methods that may show up along with a short description.
Matching Method
                Sets which element should be prioritized in color matching.
Gives priority to color hue in matching.
[Perceptual [Photographic]]/[General]
Gives priority to color hue in matching and generates photographic tone.
[Perceptual [Monitor Color Matched]]/[Perceptual]
Gives priority to color hue in matching and matches the colors on the monitor.
Gives priority to vividness in matching.
[Relative Colorimetric]/[Colorimetric]
Gives priority to reducing the color difference between an original document on screen (a logo, for example) and the printed output.
[Absolute Colorimetric]/[Colorimetric [No White-point Correction]]
Matching functions the same as Relative Colorimetric option or Colorimetric option but without white correction.
[Vivid Photo]
Provides stronger and deeper colors than [Perceptual [Photographic]].
Uses standard color matching suitable for the selected Objective.

These windows are also accessible through the application you are printing from. Just remember when making changes through the application, they are temporary. Try different combinations to see if the output is closer to what you want.

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