Connect the TS6020 to a Wireless LAN via Manual Connect
Article ID: ART170042 | Date published: 04/20/2018 | Date last updated: 07/13/2023


This article explains how to use the Manual Connect option to set up your PIXMA TS6020 to connect to a wireless network.


Your PIXMA TS6020 can connect wirelessly to a network by manually entering in your network information.  Follow the steps below to connect the printer to your network via the Manual connect method.

  1. From the HOME screen, tap the Settings icon.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap Device settings.

  4. Tap LAN settings.

  5. Tap Wireless LAN.

  6. Tap Wireless LAN setup.

  7. Tap Manual connect.

  8. The printer will search for nearby wireless networks.

    A list of wireless networks will appear. Swipe up or down to locate your network if it is not selected by default. Tap on your network.

     If your network does not appear in the list, tap Search again. This will make the printer search again for nearby wireless networks.

  9. If your wireless network has a passphrase on it, the Enter passphrase will appear. Tap the boxes in the middle of the screen.

  10. A keyboard will appear on the screen.Tap on the characters as needed to enter your network passphrase.

    By default, lowercase letters will be displayed.  If you have uppercase letters in your passphrase, tap the shift  icon. Uppercase letters will appear on the screen.

    If you have symbols in your passphrase, tap the symbol at the lower left  corner of the screen. Symbols will appear.

    If you are selecting symbols and you tap the shift  icon , more symbols will appear.

    If you need to delete a character, tap the backspace  icon. If you have a space in your passphrase, tap the space bar .

    After entering your passphrase, tap OK..

  11. You will be taken back to the Enter passphrase screen.

    Tap OK.

  12. The printer will attempt to connect to the wireless router.

    Tap OK.

If the printer fails to connect to the wireless router, re-enter your passphrase and try again.

After the printer has connected to the network, set up your computer or mobile device if needed.

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