Networked Multi-Projection (NMPJ) v1.2 Meeting Mode Window
Article ID: ART170067 | Date published: 04/24/2018 | Date last updated: 04/24/2018


 Networked Multi-Projection (NMPJ) v1.2    Meeting Mode Window


Meeting Mode Window
(1) Help
View software help.
(2) Back to mode selection
Return to the mode selection menu.
(3) Compact display
View the window at a compact size.
(4) Minimize
Minimize the window to the taskbar. To view the window again, click the taskbar icon.
(5) Exit
Return to the connection method selection menu.
(6) Projector list
View a list of projectors.
(7) Projector pull-down list
Lists connected projectors. Your actions on this screen apply to the projector selected here.
(8) Computers
Lists connected computers. To prepare computers for projection, drag them to the layout area. Your own computer is listed first.
In  , the computer’s display position is indicated by a white square.
(9) Blank the computer
Pause projection from the computer. Click again to resume projection.
(10) Settings
Display the setting window. 
(11) Layout area
Drag computers to this area to assign their projection position.
(12) Computers in layout area
Computers here can be dragged to rearrange them. A number is shown here only when secondary monitor connectivity is activated on the computer.
Clicking the number will switch between the primary and secondary monitor.
(13) Blank the projector
Pause projection from the projector. Click again to resume projection.
(14) View information
Project information needed by other users to join the session. The IP address projected is used by one of the projectors in the session.
(15) Start/stop projection
Start projection by the selected projector. During projection, this button is labeled [Stop projecting] and can be clicked to stop projection.
(16) Acquire screen layout
Indicates the layout of the selected projectors.
[Acquire screen layout] is not available when [ALL] is selected in the projector pull-down list.