How do I clean the scanning glass and rollers in my scanner?

Article ID: ART170100 | Date published: 04/24/2018 | Date last updated: 04/24/2018


If stripes or dirt appear on scanned images, clean the scanning glass and rollers.


Cleaning the glass and rollers regularly will help prevent possible image issues.
  1. Remove the Top Cover.

  2. Pull the Open Button, and pull the Right Maintenance Cover open to the right.

    If you notice paper dust in the feed path when you open the Maintenance Cover, clean it out with a clean dry cloth or cotton swabs.
  3. Press the Open Button, and push the Left Maintenance Cover open to the left.

  4. Remove the Roller Cover.

    As shown in the figure, release the hook (1) (left bottom) and hook (2) (right top toward the back) of the roller cover, and then lift up the cover. This will allow you to remove the cover.
  5. Spin the rollers while wiping them clean with a firmly wrung cloth dampened with water.
    There are 14 roller positions, as shown in the diagram below.

    - Use cotton swabs to clean the rollers
    - Roller in position (3) is turned by the roller in position (2). Turn the roller in position (2) to wipe the rollers.
    - Rollers in positions (10), (13), and (14) are turned by the roller in position (12). Turn the roller in position (12) to wipe the rollers.
    - rollers in positions (1) to (3) are replaceable. Replace rollers when cleaning them.
  6.  Use a clean dry cloth to clean the entire scanning glass.

  7. Close the Left Maintenance Cover.

  8. Replace the Roller Cover.

  9. Close the Right Maintenance Cover.

  10. Carefully replace the Top Cover.

    If paper jams and double feeds (two papers being fed  at the same time) still occur after cleaning the rollers, the rollers may be worn. In this instance, the rollers will need to be replaced. If the rollers are not replaceable rollers, your scanner may need to be serviced.

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