Error occurred while files were being copied - PIXMA TS6020

Article ID: ART170121 | Date published: 04/26/2018 | Date last updated: 04/09/2019


Error Message



When attempting to install the drivers, message "Error Occurred while files were being copied" may appear. There are several possible solutions to this error.

Refer to the following list of recommendations then click on the link to open the article and resolve your issue.


Download driver from website and save file. Right-cick on saved file and select Run As Administrator to install.


Firewall or Antivirus Software may be blocking the installation.


Disable third-party software to avoid installation conflicts.


Create a new admin user account and then attempt the installation under that account.


Move non-Canon TWAIN files from TWAIN_32 folder.


Search for USBSCAN.SYS to install scan driver.


*if these solutions do not resolve issue, may need to contact computer manufacturer for help.

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