How to setup the Wireless Connection using a USB cable - MX922 - Windows

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WLAN Connection


Wireless Setup

As an alternative to other setup methods, the wireless connection can be established by temporarily connecting a USB cable between the computer and MX922 Printer.  Follow the steps below:
  1. If the printer is powered on, turn it OFF.  Do not connect the USB cable.  Wait until instructed before powering on and connecting the cable.
  2. Download the MP Drivers for your operating system.  Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
  3. Click Next on the Welcome screen.

  4. Select Place of residence and click Next

  5. Click Yes on the License Agreement

  6. Select Wireless LAN connection.  Click Next

  7. Check the Set up the network connection via USB check box.  Click Next

  8. Connect a USB cable between the computer and printer.  Power on the machine.

  9. If the Confirm Connection Access Point screen appears, click Yes.

  10. Disconnect the USB cable.  Click Next

  11. Click Complete

    Setup is complete.

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