Load Roll Paper - LX-D5500 / LX-P5510

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Learn how to load roll paper in the LX-D5500 / LX-P5510.


Load Roll Paper

  1. Loosen the fixing screw of the holder stopper, and then remove the holder stopper.

  2. With the edge of the roll paper as shown below, insert the roll holder.

    Insert it firmly until the roll touches the flange of the roll holder, leaving no gap.

  3. Insert the holder stopper in the roll holder, and then tighten the fixing screw while lightly pressing it against the paper.

  4. Check that the printer is powered on.

    If the printer is turned off, press the power key to turn the printer on.

  5. Open the roll cover.

  6. Push the lever of the paper guide to open it.

  7. Open the transport guide (right), and slide it as shown until it stops.

  8. Mount the roll holder in the printer.

  9. Insert the paper along the left guide under the transport guide (left) until it stops at the roller in the feeder slot. 
    Paper stopping at the roller in the feeder slot is automatically pulled in a little. 

  10. Slide the transport guide (right) in accordance with the width of paper

     Do not press the transport guide (right) with force against the paper edge. A paper jam can result.

  11. Slowly close the transport guide (right) to lock it.

  12. Slowly push the paper guide down until it clicks (locks).

    When it locks, paper is transported automatically.

  13. Close the roll cover.

‚Äč Important notes:

  • Be sure to close the roll cover before printing.

  • Only use compatible paper. Using incompatible paper could cause paper jams and printer malfunctions.

  • If the printer will not be used for a long period of time, remove paper from the printer to prevent it from discoloring and curling. Place the removed paper in the supplied plastic bag or box, and store it in a place which is not exposed to high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight.

  • It is recommended that unpacked paper be used up first.

  • Do not print outside the printable area of the dedicated paper.

 If there is a large slack in the paper roll, remove the roll and tighten the paper.

 When using tag paper, do not fold perforations. Auto-cutter may cut at wrong position.

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