How Do I Print Multiple Images in My Image Garden?

Article ID: ART170318 | Date published: 05/15/2018 | Date last updated: 05/15/2018


This article explains how you can print multiple images on a single sheet of paper using My Image Garden.



My Image Garden allows you to print multiple images on a single sheet of paper.  Follow the instructions below to print multiple images on a single page.
  1. In My Image Garden, in Create or Open Items, click Photo Layout.

  2. Specify your layout, paper size and orientation.  Then, click OK.

  3. Navigate to a folder containing images using the folder tree on the left side of the window.  Drag the image(s) over to New Photo Layout and drop them.

  4. Click on New Photo Layout on the left.  Then, click on one of the images at the top of the screen and drag it to the location on the paper where you want it to print.

    After dropping the image, it will then appear on the screen in the location where it will be printed on the paper.

    Do this for each image.

  5. If desired, click on one of the images in the layout.  You will see a slider so that you can zoom in or out on the image.  You can also rotate the image as well.

    Click Print to proceed to the next screen.
  6. Specify the media type that you want to print on.  Then, click Print.

    If you are on a Mac, you may see a prompt indicating that a Print dialog will appear.  Click OK on this prompt, then click Print on the Print dialog that appears.


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