Paper Is Jammed - LX-D5500 / LX-P5510

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Learn how to troubleshoot paper jams in the LX-D5500 / LX-P5510.


Paper Is Jammed

When a paper jam occurs during printing, the printing is interrupted and the Status Monitor will display an error message such as "Paper jam #". Follow the steps below to remove the paper jam.

  1. Open the roll cover.

  2. Press down the upper unit open lever (at the back of the feeder) to open the upper unit.

  3. While pushing the jam release lever, pull out the paper jammed in the transport section

     When pulling out the jammed paper from the transport section with the upper unit open, take care not to touch the spur inside the upper unit. You can get injured or stained with ink.

  4. Cut the pulled out paper neatly.

  5. While pushing the jam release lever, pull out paper in the direction opposite to the transport direction.

  6. Close the upper unit.

     When closing the upper unit, take care not to touch the interface at the back with your finger. Your finger can be caught in the interface, resulting in injury.

  7. Load paper again.

    Printing restarts.
    To cancel the print job, click [Cancel Print Job] on the status monitor.

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