Zooming Part of an Image WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z

Article ID: ART170350 | Date published: 05/16/2018 | Date last updated: 06/13/2018


Zooming Part of an Image  WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z


Zooming Part of an Image
Useful when:
• Zooming in on an object such as a small graph during a presentation (up to 12x).
• Focusing on the current subject.

Press the + D.ZOOM button on the remote control to enlarge a part of the image.
Press the – D.ZOOM button to reduce the image size.

• The magnification appears on the screen.

You can move the enlarged area by using the buttons.

You can restore the original size of the image by pressing the OK button.
The D.ZOOM buttons work differently than [Zoom] in the [Install settings] menu

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