Basic Wireless Network Settings [Wireless] WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z

Article ID: ART170523 | Date published: 05/22/2018 | Date last updated: 06/12/2018


Basic Wireless Network Settings [Wireless]  WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z


Basic Wireless Network Settings [Wireless]
From [Wireless] on the settings screen, you can complete basic network information for wireless connections. For the setting procedure, see “Network Setting”

• If settings related to TCP/IP were changed, it is necessary to disconnect and reconnect to the network. If the network subnet mask was changed, select [Subnet mask] in the
above screen and set the new subnet mask.
• IPv6 connectivity is not available in PJ AP mode (P84). [IPv6 address] is grayed out.
• For partial SSID editing when connected in PJ AP wireless LAN mode, you can edit the portion between PJ- and _Canon0D. Enter 1-byte alphanumeric characters,
including hyphens and underscores (1 – 15 characters).

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