Setting Up IPsec [IPsec] WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z

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Setting Up IPsec [IPsec]  WUX7000Z / WUX6600Z / WUX5800Z


Setting Up IPsec [IPsec]
IPsec is a set of protocols designed to prevent the IP packets sent and received over a network from being intercepted, tampered with, or otherwise compromised. Because IPsec adds security to a basic Internet layer, it is intended to ensure security without relying on applications or network configurations.

• When IPsec is used, the projector must be configured to match the IPsec operating conditions set on other devices that will communicate with the projector.
• IPsec operating conditions supported by the projector can be checked on the projector’s web screen.
• Setting [Exempt HTTP from IPsec] to [OFF] will prevent access to the projector’s web screen if IPsec is accidentally enabled on other devices used for communication with the projector.
To avoid blocking access, you can configure this setting to exclude HTTP communication from IPsec.
• [Standby power setting] is set to [Normal] and cannot be changed when IPsec is enabled.
• Enabling IPsec will require correct IPsec settings on other devices connected to the projector, such as computers.
• IPsec settings cannot be changed when [DHCP] (IPv4) is enabled.
• When IPsec is enabled, [DHCP] (IPv4) and [Auto settings] (IPv6) cannot be changed.
• When IPsec is enabled, [TCP/IP] (IPv4) and [Manual settings] (IPv6) cannot be changed.

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