Adjustment Using Lens Shift WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800
Article ID: ART170582 | Date published: 06/01/2018 | Date last updated: 06/01/2018


Adjustment Using Lens Shift  WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800


Adjustment Using Lens Shift
You can reposition the image in all directions by shifting the lens up, down, left, or right. This feature is referred to as lens shift. The projector’s lens shift range is as follows.

Amount of Lens Shift for Each Replacement Lens​

* Image quality may decrease in [Expanded] lens shift mode, depending on the extent of lens shift.

Before using this feature, connect the projector to a computer or AV equipment and plug the projector in 

Area Outside the Lens Shift Range (in [Normal] Lens Shift Mode*)
• Zoom Lenses: RS-SL01ST/RS-SL02LZ/RS-SL04UL/RS-SL05WZ
When the shift exceeds 44% in the upward direction, the amount of available shift in the left/right directions decreases. When the lens is shifted upward to the maximum of 55% (1), the lens cannot be shifted left or right.

• Short Fixed Lens: RS-SL03WF
The more you shift the lens up or down, the less you can shift it left or right. When the lens is shifted upward or downward to the maximum of 11.3%, the lens cannot be shifted left or right.

• Ultra-wide Zoom Lens: RS-SL06UW
The more you shift the lens up or down, the less you can shift it left or right. When  the lens is shifted upward to the maximum of 75%, the lens cannot be shifted left or right.

In [Expanded] lens shift mode, the lens can be shifted to each corner position, however image quality may decrease

Resetting the Position
During screen position adjustment, press and hold the LENS-SHIFT button on the
remote control or the LENS button on the projector to display the [Lens shift reset]
window. The selections for the lens currently used are displayed. Use the pointer buttons to select one of them, then press the OK button.

• After resetting, the lens may be slightly misaligned from your selected position.
• For precise positioning, use the lens shift function to fine-tune the position.