Adjusting Peripheral Focus WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800

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Adjusting Peripheral Focus  WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800


Adjusting Peripheral Focus
This feature enables focus adjustment around the edges of the screen.
• Use marginal focus adjustment for curved screens, such as domes.
• Use marginal focus adjustment to bring images on flat screens into focus if image edges remain warped after you adjust the overall focus.

• The marginal focus feature is not available depending on the type of lens installed.
• [Marginal focus] must be set to [On] in advance

Bringing Image Edges into Focus
To adjust peripheral focus, press the FOCUS button on the remote control or the LENS button on the projector.
1 Press the FOCUS button on the remote control twice to display the marginal focus adjustment window.

Pressing the LENS button on the projector repeatedly switches between windows for lens-related parameters.
Press the LENS button twice to display the marginal focus adjustment window.

2 Press the pointer buttons to adjust the focus at image edges.

Press the buttons to adjust peripheral focus.

The focus at the center of the screen may become blurred when the indicator is moved to nearly to the top or bottom edge in the [Marginal focus adjust.]
window. If this happens, perform steps (1) to (3) below repeatedly to adjust the focus of the entire screen.
(1) Use [Focus adjustment] to adjust the focus at the center of the screen.
(2) Use [Marginal focus adjust.] to adjust the focus at the edges of the screen.
(3) Check the focus at the center of the screen.

When using the lens shift adjustment function, the optical axis may be shifted further from the center of the screen than when the function is not used. This can be adjusted by
performing steps (1) to (3) repeatedly.

3 Once image edges are in focus, press the OK or FOCUS button.

Resetting Adjustment

Clears the values set in marginal focus adjustment and returns the lens marginal focus to the standard position.
In the [Install settings] menu, select [Professional settings] > [Marginal focus] > [Reset] to reset the adjustment.

After the above window disappears, the values set in [Marginal focus] are cleared and the lens marginal focus is returned to the standard position. A reset can be applied regardless of whether [Marginal focus] is set to [On] or [Off].

Setting [Marginal focus] to [Off] will not reset the setting value for marginal focus. Select [Off] to preserve the setting value and prevent further adjustment.


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