Using PC-Free Multi Projection WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800

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Using PC-Free Multi Projection  WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800


Using PC-Free Multi Projection
A JPEG image on a USB flash drive can be divided among up to nine projectors and combined into a single, large image.
When projectors are connected via a wired LAN, the projector that produces the image in the upper left is called the Primary projector and the other eight, Secondary projectors. The image as a whole is controlled by the Primary projector

PC-free multi projection is not available over a wireless LAN.

This feature is available with the following number of projectors and layout patterns.
The projector you assign as the Primary projector, identified in the layout pattern as [1], always projects the upper-left image.

Set up the projectors as follows.

1 On each projector, configure installation and image adjustment settings such as edge blending and keystone correction to blend overlapping areas.

2 Connect the projectors with LAN cables and set [Network (wired/wireless)] to [On/Off] or [On/On (Pj AP)]

3 Configure some projectors as Secondaries.
Select [Input settings] > [PC-free multi projection] > [Mode setting] > [Secondary].

Complete this setting on each Secondary projector

4 Configure one projector as the Primary projector.
(1) Select [Input settings] > [PC-free multi projection] > [Mode setting] > [Primary].

(2) Configure the following settings in [PC-free multi projection].


• [Layout pattern setting]
Specify the total number of projectors and the layout pattern 
• [Destination projector setting]
Specify Secondary projector IP addresses.
• [Slideshow interval]
Specify the slideshow interval (5 seconds to 10 minutes).
• [Animation effect]
Specify the transition to use for slideshows.


5 On the Primary projector, select [Input settings] > [PC-free multi projection] > [Destination projector setting] > [Confirm] and check the number assigned to each projector.

• If the projector is turned off and then on again during projection, the slideshow automatically resumes from the first image in the folder last used for projection.
• If the image does not switch to the image for the corresponding number, adjust the IP address setting.


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