Menu Install Settings WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800

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Menu Install Settings WUX7500 / WUX6700 / WUX5800


Install settings
Adjust projection to suit the screen or the type of images, or how the projector is installed.

Menu screen when the input signal is HDMI

Menus that are not available are grayed out or hidden.

Positional lock
Operation of installation-related functions can be prohibited.
• Image flip H/V  • Save position (in [Lens - Position])  • Professional settings  • Screen aspect  • Focus adjustment  • Zoom  • Lens shift reset • Lens shift adjustment  • Keystone  • Digital image shift  • Zoom adjustment

• When mounting the projector on a ceiling, use the optional ceiling attachment (RSCL15) and ceiling-mount arm (RS-CL17). Contact the Canon Customer Support Center for more detailed information.
• Image flipping will reset any adjustment for keystone distortion. In this case, redo the adjustment.
• Adjusting the [Image flip H/V] setting does not alter button assignments in the projector’s side controls.

Screen aspect
Select an aspect ratio that matches that of the projection screen.

  • • Changing the screen aspect will reset any keystone or digital image shift setting.
    • [Auto] may be automatically selected in [Aspect] depending on the screen aspect setting.


When the Short Fixed Lens (RS-SL03WF) or the Ultra-wide Zoom Lens (RSSL06UW) is attached and if the projected image does not fit on the screen, you can display the image by electronically reducing its size. This type of zooming reduces
overall image dimensions, relative to the center of the image. 
Press the button on the remote control to project images at a reduced size, and press the button to enlarge images to full size. Images can be projected at 75 – 100% of the original size.

• D.ZOOM buttons on the remote control cannot be used for this [Zoom] function.
• [Zoom] is not available when the following features are used.

- When [Keystone] is set to [Horizontal-vertical keystone]
- Split-screen mode

• Using [Zoom] after specifying corner adjustment will clear corner adjustment settings and apply the zoom setting. Instead, use [Zoom] before fine-tuning the image position with corner adjustment.
• If images still extend off the screen even after you use [Zoom], you can use corner adjustment to fine-tune the position of image corners, so that images fit on the screen.
• Switching to lenses other than the Short Fixed Lens (RS-SL03WF) or the Ultra-wide Zoom Lens (RS-SL06UW) will reset the setting to 100%.
• The zoom function is not available when [Digital PC], [Analog PC-1], or [Analog PC-2] is selected.

Two types of keystone correction are available: horizontal/vertical keystone and corner adjustment. Keystone correction can also be reset. Keystone correction can also be applied by pressing the KEYSTONE button on the remote control.

• Resetting the keystone value will also reset the zoom setting for the Short Fixed Lens (RS-SL03WF) or the Ultra-wide Zoom Lens (RS-SL06UW).
• The available horizontal-vertical keystone range may vary depending on the lens, zoom position, and shift position.

Digital image shift
> [Install settings] > [Digital image shift]
Moves the position of the projected image.
When screen aspect is 16:9 D. image shift, move images vertically using the buttons, and for 4:3 D. image shift, move images horizontally using the  buttons.

This cannot be selected when the screen aspect is 16:9, 16:10 or 4:3.

Professional settings
Specify advanced installation settings.

Menu screen when the Ultra-wide Zoom Lens (RS-SL06UW) is attached

RGB alignment
Correct color misalignment.

Audio is muted while the chart is shown.

High altitude
Switch the fan mode to suit installation at low or high altitudes (above 2,300 m [7,545.8']).

Lens shift mode
Switch the available lens shift range as needed.

• Selecting [Expanded] may lower image quality and keystone correction precision, depending on the extent of lens shift.
• Selecting [Normal] when the lens is in the expanded range (outside the normal position) will execute lens shift reset

Marginal focus
In dome projection, image focus can be adjusted on the edges of the screen, and the remote control can be used to activate and deactivate this focus adjustment. For detailed instructions, refer to “Adjusting Peripheral Focus” 

• The marginal focus feature is not available depending on the type of lens installed.
• Setting this function to [Off] only prevents display of the adjustment window. Adjustment values are still retained. Use this setting to prevent remote focusing of image edges.

Edge blending
Brightness and colors of overlapping edges of images from multiple projectors, which form a blending area, can be adjusted for a more seamless appearance. For detailed instructions, see “Projecting from Multiple Projectors at Once (Edge Blending)”

• Adjustment may not eliminate different colors or brightnesses in the blending area.
• For best edge-blending results, use all projectors in the same image mode and make the following adjustments.

(1) Brightness, contrast, R/G/B gain and offset, black level, blending color, color temperature, color level, color balance, sharpness, and gamma
(2) Color adjustment, by using 6-axis color adjustment 
(3) Gamma adjustment, by using fine-tune gamma
(4) Corner adjustment, by using keystone correction



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