Service Notice: FAX Unable to Receive Automatically on the MF236n, MF247dw or MF249dw

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This Service Notice is to inform all MF236n/247dw/249dw users, that there is a possibility of a failure in receiving a fax.  The machine, by default, is set up to automatically receive faxes.  If received faxes fail, an error will occur on the sender’s machine.  You can still receive faxes manually by depressing the HOOK key for incoming faxes. If you are NOT able to receive faxes automatically on your machine, please follow the guidelines below to perform a version upgrade of the firmware on the machine.


Upgrading Firmware on the MF236n, MF247dw or MF249dw

Depending on the way you installed your machine i.e. via USB or Network; please select one of the two methods of upgrading the firmware version of your machine.

Method #1 - Download Via Internet (suggested method)

First, the machine MUST be connected to the Internet. From the machine’s Home screen on the control panel, use the touch screen display and select MENU then scroll to System Management Setting then scroll to Update Firmware.  Lastly, select Via internet.  You will see the next screen display “Checking the firmware version ……”.  The machine will automatically download and update the unit. When the machine is done updating it will power cycle itself and you will have completed updating the firmware to the current version. 

Method #2 - Download Via PC

First, your computer must be connected to the Internet to download the firmware and the machine needs to be connected via USB cable.

Part 1

Use the links below to download your firmware then follow the instruction in Part 2 to download the firmware to the machine.

For Windows OS users:
For Mac OS users:
Note: Your Operating System will automatically be detected from the website.  If it is not detected correctly, please select the correct version from the drop-down menu.

If you are unable to download the file using the links provided then on your computer, go to  Next, in the search box, type in the model number, click on the model name then click on the magnifying glass to search.  Find your model, select it then click on Drivers and Downloads.  Then, select the Firmware tab and select the firmware version by clicking on the SELECT box, agreeing to the terms then click DOWNLOAD.  A pop up window will appear asking you to input your serial number.  Enter your serial number and click Submit and the firmware will start to download. 

Part 2

Using the touch screen display and from the Home screen, Select MENU then scroll to System Management Setting then scroll to Update Firmware.  Lastly, select Via PC.  You will be asked “Do you want to update firmware?”, select Yes.  The firmware will now download to your device.  Double click the file to install it. When complete, the machine will power cycle and your machine will be updated.

Upgrade Confirmation

From the machine’s Home screen on the control panel use the touch screen display and select MENU then scroll to System Management Setting then scroll to Update Firmware.  Lastly, select Version Information and verify the version number.  To confirm proper functionality of your MF236n, MF247dw or MF249dw, please send a fax and then receive a fax automatically.  If you are successful in both then you have performed the update correctly


Thank You,
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc

For assistance, please contact our award winning customer service below. 

Canon Customer Support Center
Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm ET 
Phone: 1(800) OK-CANON
  1(800) 652-2666
TDD: 1-866-251-3752
Support options and hours of operations:

Please click the attachment for complete firmware update instructions for Windows and Mac


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