Maintenance Cleaning the Projector

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Maintenance Cleaning the Projector


Clean the projector frequently to prevent dust from settling on the surface.
A dirty lens may ruin the quality of the projected image.

Do not use adhesives, lubricants, oils, or alkaline detergents for maintenance of the projector. They could adhere to the cabinet and damage it, possibly resulting in the projector falling from its mounting and causing an accident or personal injury.  

Before cleaning the projector, always turn it off, unplug it after the cooling fan stops, and wait at least one hour. Otherwise, you may get burned because the main unit is very hot immediately after the projector is turned off.

Wipe the projector’s main unit softly with a soft cloth.
If the projector is heavily soiled, soak the cloth in water with a small amount of detergent in it, squeeze the cloth thoroughly, and then wipe the projector with it. 
After cleaning, wipe the projector with a dry cloth.

• Never use volatile cleaning liquid or benzine, as these may damage the finish of the projector.
• Do not use a chemical dust cloth.
• The lens surface is easily damaged, so do not use a hard cloth or tissues.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filter protects the lens and mirror inside the projector from dust and dirt. Should the air filter become clogged with dust, the projector may be damaged since it will block the air flow into the projector and raise the internal temperature of the projector

The following screen is displayed when turning on the projector if the air filter needs to be cleaned. Clean the air filter if it is displayed.

• Only the , OK and POWER buttons are available while this screen is displayed. (When you press the POWER button, the “Push POWER button
again to turn off power.” message appears.)
• When this screen has disappeared after being displayed for 10 seconds, all buttons become operable.

• Turn the power of the projector off and pull out the power plug.
• Hook your finger around the air filter handle on the side of the projector and remove the air filter. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean off the dust.
• If the air filter cleaning screen is displayed when turning on the projector after cleaning the air filter, select [Yes] and press the OK button. The air filter counter is reset, and the message is no longer displayed.
• This screen is not displayed when [Air filter warning display] is set to [Off].  Reset the air filter counter manually

Do not rinse the air filter in water. This may damage the air filter and projector.

Replacing the Air Filter
Follow the procedure below when replacing the air filter.
1 Turn off the projector power and remove the power plug

2 Place your finger on the notch under the filter unit on the side of the projector and pull the filter unit out.


3 Press up on the air filter from below and remove it from the air filter frame.

• After air filter replacement, reset [Air filter counter]
• Handle the air filter carefully. If damaged, the air filter will not work properly.
• It is recommended that you also replace the air filter when you replace the lamp.
• To purchase a replacement lamp (part no: RS-LP12) and air filter (part no: RS-FL05), contact the Canon Customer Support Center.


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