Scan to an application with IJ Scan Utility Lite

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Use Application Settings


Scanned images can be sent to other applications. For example, display scanned images in your favorite graphics application, attach them to e-mails, or extract text from images.

Follow the instructions below.

  1. Start IJ Scan Utility Lite.

    Select Applications from Go menu of Finder, and then double-click Canon Utilities > IJ Scan Utility > Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite icon to start IJ Scan Utility Lite.


    figure: IJ Scan Utility

    Click Settings....
  2. Select desired scan function (Auto Scan / Document Scan / Photo Scan / Custom Scan / Driver / Scan and Stitch / OCR / E-mail) and select an application to open the scanned data or select an application to send the scan to (for saving, organizing, etc)


Application Settings Area

Open with an application

Select this when you want to enhance or correct the scanned images.

You can specify the application from the pop-up menu.1.

Send to an application

Select this when you want to use the scanned images as they are in an application that allows you to browse or organize images.

You can specify the application from the pop-up menu.1

Send to a folder

Select this when you also want to save the scanned images to a folder other than the one specified in Save in.

You can specify the folder from the pop-up menu.1

Attach to e-mail

Select this when you want to send e-mails with the scanned images attached.

You can specify the e-mail client you want to start from the pull-down menu.

Do not start any application
Saves to the folder specified in Save in.


1To add an application or folder to the pull-down menu, select Add... from the pop-up menu, then click   (Plus) in the displayed dialog and specify the application or folder.

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