Paper jam occurs repeatedly

Article ID: ART171103 | Date published: 07/24/2018 | Date last updated: 07/25/2018


Paper jam occurs repeatedly


<Cause 1>
There are paper fragments or foreign objects inside.
Check whether there are paper fragments or foreign objects inside the machine.

<Cause 2>
The paper you are using is in fact unusable with the machine.
Check usable paper, and replace with appropriate paper.

<Cause 3>
Paper is stuck together by static cling or some other reason.
Fan the paper stack thoroughly so that paper is not stuck together.

<Cause 4>
The paper guides are not set correctly.
Set the paper guides correctly.

<Cause 5>
The paper stack is not loaded below the load limit guides.
Make sure that the paper stack does not exceed the load limit guides.

<Cause 6>
You are printing on the back side of printed paper.
Printed paper may be curled since it was subjected to heat when fed through the machine. Smooth out the paper edges to remove the curls before printing.

Clearing Jams



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