Storing/Editing Destinations in Group Dial

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Storing/Editing Destinations in Group Dial


Registering Multiple Destinations as a Group

You can select multiple destinations that have already been registered and register them together as a group. This section describes how to register a group from the operation panel. You can also use the Remote UI to register a group. For details, see the "User's Guide" from the Canon website (
  • Only destinations of the same type of address can be registered in the same group.
  • Shared folders or FTP servers cannot be registered in a group as destinations.

1. Select <Address Book> in the Home screen.

2. Select <Register Dest.> <Group>.
  • If a screen appears prompting you to enter a PIN, enter the PIN for the Address Book and select <Apply>.

3. Select <Name>.
  • Registering <Name> is optional. If you register <Name>, the destination can be searched alphabetically.

4. Enter the name, and select <Apply>.

5. Select <Destination>.

6. Select <Add>.

7. Select the index containing the destination you want to register. Registering in the Address Book

8. Select the destination.

9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 until you have registered all of the destinations that you want to register, and then select <Apply>.
To view information about the destination
  • Select the target destination, and select <Details>.
To remove a destination from the group
  • Select the destination that you want to remove from the group, and select <Delete> <Yes>.

10. Select <Register As>.

11. Select <Favorites> or <Coded Dial>.
  • If you select <Coded Dial>, select the destination number, or select <Use Numeric Keys> and enter the destination number.

12. Select <Apply>.

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