Error message ""CatpureOnTouch (model name)" is not optimized for your Mac." appears when launching CoT on Mac OS 10.13.4 (or later)

Article ID: ART171174 | Date published: 07/31/2018 | Date last updated: 02/05/2019


When launching CaptureOnTouch on a Mac running Mac OS 10.13.4 (or later), you may encounter the following message:


This is a "one-time" message from Apple. Clicking on the "Learn More..." button will take you to the Apple website which explains that this is a 32-bit application and, in the future, 32-bit applications will no longer be supported. Clicking on the "OK" button will acknowledge the message, and it will not appear again. Here is the link:

CaptureOnTouch will function as normal (even after this  message appears). Canon is working the solution that will prevent the need for this message occurring in the future.

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