IJ Scan Utility (Windows) - Settings (General Settings) Dialog Box
Article ID: ART171457 | Date published: 08/20/2018 | Date last updated: 09/01/2021


Learn about the options that can be adjustd in the Settings (General Settings) dialog box in IJ Scan Utility for Windows.


Click the (General Settings) tab to display the Settings (General Settings) dialog box.

In the Settings (General Settings) dialog box, you can set the product to use, file size restriction on e-mail attachment, language to detect text in images, and folder in which to save images temporarily.

 When the Settings dialog box is displayed from IJ PDF Editor, only Product Name appears.

Settings (General Settings) dialog box

Product Name

Displays the name of the product that IJ Scan Utility is currently set to use.
If the displayed product is not the one you want to use, select the desired product from the list.
In addition, for network connection, select one with "Network" after the product name.

 When scanning with a network connection, Select appears on the right side of the product name. Click Select to display IJ Network Scanner Selector EX from which you can change the scanner to use. Please note that this option is only available on network-enabled models.

E-mail Attachment Size

You can restrict the size of scanned images to be attached to an e-mail.
You can select Small (Suitable for 640 x 480 Windows), Medium (Suitable for 800 x 600 Windows), Large (Suitable for 1024 x 768 Windows), or No Change.

Document Language

You can select the language for detecting text in images and for use with search when a PDF file that supports keyword search is created.

Folder to Save Temporary Files

Displays the folder in which to temporarily save images scanned with IJ Scan Utility or IJ PDF Editor. Click Browse... to specify the destination folder.

 If you change the Folder to Save Temporary Files while IJ PDF Editor is running, files will be saved to the previous folder. The change will be reflected after restarting IJ PDF Editor.


Opens this guide.


You can restore the settings in the displayed screen to the default settings.

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