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Basic copying instructions


Making Copies

This section describes the basic procedure to perform standard copying.

  1. Check that printer is turned on.

  2. Load paper.

  3. Press the COPY button.

    The Copy standby screen is displayed.

  4. Load original document on platen or in ADF (Auto Document Feeder).

  5. Confirm the page size (A) and magnification (B).


    • To change or confirm the page size, magnification, or other settings, press the Menu/Wireless connect button, then use the LEFTRIGHT button to display the desired setting item.

    • Press the COPY button to reset the magnification to 100%.

  6. Use the LEFTRIGHT button or the Numeric buttons to specify the number of copies.

  7. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying.

    The printer starts copying.

    Remove the original on the platen or from the document output slot after copying is complete.


    • If you load the original on the platen, do not open the document cover or remove the original while Scanning... is displayed on the screen.

    • If you load the original in the ADF, do not move the original until copying is complete.



Adding the Copying Job (Reserve copy)

If you load the original on the platen, you can add the copying job while printing (Reserve copy).

The screen like shown below is displayed when you can reserve copy.

Load the original on the platen and press the same button (the Color button or the Blackbutton) as the one which you previously pressed.


  • When you load the original on the platen, open and close the document cover gently.


  • When Print quality is set High, or you load the original in the ADF, you cannot add the copying job.

  • When you add the copying job, the number of copies or the settings such as the page size or media type cannot be changed.

  • If you press the Stop button while reserve copying is in progress, the screen to select the method to cancel copying is displayed. If you select Cancel all reserv. then press the OKbutton, you can cancel copying all scanned data. If you select Cancel last reserv. then press the OK button, you can cancel the last copying job.

  • If you set a document of too many pages to reserve copy, Memory is full may appear on the LCD. Press the OK button and wait a while, then try copying again.

  • If Try again appears on the LCD when scanning, press the OK button, then press the Stop button to cancel copying. After that, copy the documents that have not been finished copying.

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