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Specify or preset


Reducing/Enlarging Copies

You can specify the magnification optionally or select the preset-ratio copying or fit-to-page copying.

The screen below is displayed when you select Settings in the Copy standby screen and select Magnif. to select the reduction/enlargement method. Specify the magnification and select OK.

  • A: Flick to select the reduction/enlargement method.

  • B: Select to display the screen below.

    Tap  or  to specify the magnification.

    If you keep touching, the magnification is changed by 10 %.

    You can also flick the number to specify.


Reduction/enlargement Method


  • Some of the reduction/enlargement methods are not available depending on the copy menu.

  • Fit to page

    The printer automatically reduces or enlarges the image to fit the page size.

    The setting in Magnif.: Fit to page


    • When you select Fit to page, the page size may not be detected correctly depending on the original. In this case, select the setting other than Fit to page.

  • Preset ratio

    You can select one of the preset ratios to reduce or enlarge copies.

    Select the appropriate ratio for size of original and page size.

    The setting in Magnif.: 70% A4->A5/86% A4->B5/94% A4->LTR/115% B5->A4/141% A5->A4/156% 5x7->LTR/183% 4x6->LTR


    • Some of the preset ratios are not available depending on the country or region of purchase.

  • Ratio specified copy

    You can specify the copy ratio as a percentage to reduce or enlarge copies.


  • 400% MAX (maximum copy ratio) and 25% MIN (minimum copy ratio) are selectable.

  • If you make a copy at the same size as the original, select Same size.

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