What settings are available in the User Menu of the DR-G2xx0 series scanners?

Article ID: ART171595 | Date published: 08/30/2018 | Date last updated: 02/25/2019


Here is a list of the settings available in the User Menu.


 First Level  Second Level  Third Level
 Separation Off - -
 New File - -
 Scanner Setting  Sleep -
 Auto Power Off -
 Display Contrast -
 Buzzer  Volume
 Key Repeat -
 Language -
 Scan Setting  Double Feed -
 Separation Force -
 Separation Off
 (continuous manual feeding)
 Roller Rotating Time
 Staple Detection -
 Long Document  Max Document Length
 Tray Position -
 Feed Interval -
 Dust Detection -
 Count Only  Double Feed -
 Staple Detection -
 Start -
 Count Clear - -
 Imprint Test  Font -
 Head Cleaning -
 Start -
 Maintenance  Total Scan -
 ImageSensor LED On -
 Feed Cleaning Sheet -
 Pick Roller Kit -
 Cartridge Ink -
 Image Sensor On time -
 Feed Roller -
 Platen Roller -
 Exit Roller -
 Separation Pad -
 Board On Time -
 Version -
 Network  LAN Information  IP Address
 Subnet Mask
 Default Gateway
 Mac Address
 LAN Setting  The LAN settign screens are displayed in the following order: DHCP (Off) -> IP Address -> Subnet Mask -> Default Gateway
 Time Out Setting -

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