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You can print with Amazon Alexa with various Canon printers.


Print with Amazon Alexa

Just ask Alexa to print by using any Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices.
Operation is easy and hands-free.

Recommended Use

  • Print various types of content such as coloring pages, Number Place, lined paper, staff paper, and checklist sheets easily.
  • With the Canon Inkjet Printer skill Alexa can even check the status of your printer for you.

Items Required (Materials, Tools) 

  • A smartphone or tablet on which the Amazon Alexa app is installed (iOS or Android)
  • Amazon Echo and Alexa-enabled devices
  • A4 or Letter size Plain paper


  1. STEP

    Check that your printer is on.

    If your printer has an Auto power on function, check that it is enabled.
    For details, refer to the Online Manual.

  2. STEP

    Start Amazon Alexa app, and then search for "Canon Inkjet Printer" skill:

    Tap the Menu  symbol, then tap Skills or Skills & Games.

    Enter Canon Inkjet Printer.


    In the search results, tap the Canon Inkjet Printer skill, and then enable it.

  3. STEP

    Sign into Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center.

    Note: A Canon ID is required.

    If you already have an account, skip ahead to STEP 6 and sign in.

    If you do not have an account, proceed to STEP 4.

  4. STEP


    Tap Create a Canon ID account.

  5. STEP

    Create account.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

    For the printer registration ID, refer to the Online Manual.

  6. STEP


    Start the Amazon Alexa app, and then tap SETTINGS.

    • figure: Amazon Alexa app screen
  7. STEP

    Tap Link Account.

    • figure: Amazon Alexa app screen
  8. STEP

    Sign in by entering the e-mail address and password, then tap Sign in.

    • Sign in
  9. STEP

    When the following screen appears, tap Allow.

  10. STEP

    Talk to Alexa and print out some fun contents.

    The following are examples of conversations for printing a coloring page and checking the printer status.

    Printing is performed on the default printer registered to the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center account.

    Print a coloring page!


    Alexa, start Canon printer.

    Welcome to Canon printer.
    I can print out coloring pages or number place puzzles from your printer.
    What would you like me to print?


    Print out a coloring page for grown-ups.
    Note: If more information is needed, Amazon Alexa will ask questions.

    Sure, do you want me to print out 1 coloring page for grown ups now?



    Printing for you now.
    OK, see you again soon.

    Check printer status!


    Alexa, start Canon printer.

    Welcome to Canon Printer.
    I can print out coloring pages or number place puzzles from your printer.
    What would you like me to print?


    Check the status of the printer.

    Your printer is showing no problems and is ready to print.
    You still have enough ink of each color.
    Thank you.



Supported Printers

  • TS9520 / TS9521C, TS9120, TS9020, TS8322 / TS8320, TS8222 / TS8220, TS8120, TS8020, TS6420, TS6320, TS6220, TS6120, TS6020, TS5320, TS5120, TS5020, TS3520 / TS3522, TS3320 / TS3322, TS3120 / TS3122, TS302

  • TR8620, TR8520, TR7520, TR4720, TR4520 / TR4522, TR150

  • MG7720, MG7520, MG7120, MG6820 / MG6821 / MG6822, MG6620, MG6420, MG5720 / MG5721 / MG5722, MG5620, MG5520 / MG5522, MG3620

  • MX532MX490 / MX492

  • GX7020, GX6020, MB5420, MB5320, MB5120, MB5020, MB2720, MB2320, MB2120, MB2020, iB4120, iB4020

  • G7020, G6020, G5020, G4210, G4200, G3260, G3200

  • iP110

  • PRO-1000, PRO-300, PRO-200, PRO-100*, PRO-10
    *Not all PRO-10 and PRO-100 models are supported

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