How to start Easy Wireless Connect - TS8220

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Start Easy Wireless Connect on the printer.

Prior to starting setup on the Computer, Smartphone or tablet device, start Easy wireless connect on the printer.  Then complete the setup on the computer or device. 
See the procedure below to start Easy Wireless connect.
  1. Make sure that the printer is turned on.

    If the printer is performing cleaning, print head alignment, or other processes wait for the process to finish, before starting setup.

  2. Tap Wireless connect  

  3. Tap Yes.

  4. When the printer preparation is complete, the screen below appears.
    It may take time until the printer is detected and the screen changes.

  5. Proceed to the setup application of the computer or smartphone to finish.

    Easy Wireless Connect - Mac

    Easy Wireless Connect - Windows

    Easy Wireless Connect - iOS

    Easy Wireless Connect - Android

TS8220 Support Page

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