Adding a PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link User
Article ID: ART171722 | Date published: 09/07/2018 | Date last updated: 08/20/2021


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Adding a PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link User

Several people can use one printer.
This section describes the user addition procedure and the user privileges.

Adding a user

  1. On the service screen, select Manage users from .

  2. Select Add user


    • When you select Add user, the service first checks whether the maximum number of users has been reached. If new users can be added, the user registration screen appears.
    • The maximum number of users that can be added for 1 printer is 20.
  3. Enter the e-mail address of the user to be added, and then select OK

    The URL for completing the registration is then sent to the entered e-mail address.


    • If you enter an e-mail address that is already registered, you will receive notification that the address is registered. To specify another e-mail address, follow the displayed instructions.
  4. Access the URL reported in the e-mail

    The procedure that follows describes what to do if you receive a notification e-mail.

  5. Read the terms displayed in the Terms of use and Privacy policy screens

    If you agree, select the I agree to all the terms check box and select Next.

  6. Register a password for logging in to the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center.

    On the My Account Registration screen, enter you desired password into Password and Password (Confirmation) and select Next.


    • There are character restrictions for the Password, as shown below.

      • The password must be at least five characters long, using single-byte alphanumeric characters and symbols (!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~). (Alphabets are case-sensitive)
  7. Enter Nickname

    Enter any user name that you want to use.


    • The user name entry field has the following character restrictions:

      • The user name must be between 1 and 20 characters long, using single-byte alphanumeric characters and symbols (!"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~). (Alphabets are case-sensitive)
  8. Specify the Time zone setting, and select Done

    Select your region on the list. If you cannot find your region on the list, select the one closest to your region.

    Apply daylight saving time
    This appears only when there is a daylight saving time in the Time zone that you selected.
    Select whether or not to apply the daylight saving time.

The main registration is complete, and a registration completion e-mail is sent.


  • When you use MAXIFY Cloud Link, a cookie for the selected user is added to the printer, and the login status of each user is recovered. For each printer, you can register cookies for up to 8 users.

Printer user privileges

If several users are using the cloud service for 1 printer, each user is categorized as the Administratoror a Standard user.


  • The user who is registered first becomes the Administrator. The administrator can change the privileges of users from the Manage users screen.

An Administrator can change printer information, add and delete apps, manage users, and perform various other operations.
Standard user can check printer information and start apps.
For information about the functions that each user can use, refer to the "Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center window".

If you are using MAXIFY Cloud Link from the printer, select Multiuser mode in the Mng. printer screento set the printer to Multiuser mode. Each user can then start an app and print documents.


  • If you have not set your own Security code, select Multiuser mode to display the Security codesetup screen.
    If you select Cancel, you will not be able to set Multiuser mode.
  • If you are the Administrator, a confirmation screen appears asking whether you want to send an e-mail prompting standard users without a Security code to set up their Security code.

    • To send a notification e-mail is sent only to users without a Security code and to set Multiuser mode, select OK.
    • To set Multiuser mode without sending a notification e-mail, select Cancel.