Adding the Second and Following Printer(s)

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Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center 


Adding the Second and Following Printer

With one account, you can use the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center services on multiple printers.

The procedure for adding a printer is as follows:

If your model has color LCD monitor/If your model has monochrome LCD monitor

  1. Log in to the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

  2. Select Mng. printer from 

  3. On the screen that appears, select Add printer

  4. Enter the Printer registration ID, and then select OK

    The printer is added.

If your model has no LCD monitor/If you are using TR4500 series or PRO-1000 series 

  1. Displaying Printer Information

    For details, go to the Online Manual home page, and see "Checking Printer Information" for your model.

  2. Select IJ Cloud Printing Center setup -> Register with this service

  3. Follow the instructions displayed in the window, and run the authentication

  4. When the Preparation for registration screen appears, select Send blank e-mail


    • When you select Send blank e-mail, the "destination entry completed" mailer starts up automatically.
      After the blank e-mail is created, send that e-mail without making any changes.

    If you want to register a different e-mail address, select Do not send to display the E-mail addressentry screen.

    In the displayed screen, enter the E-mail address that you want to register, and then select Continue registration.


    • If you enter an e-mail address that has already been registered, you will receive an "already registered" e-mail. Follow the instructions in the e-mail, and register a different e-mail address.


    • There are character restrictions for the e-mail address, as shown below.

      • Up to 255 characters consisting of single-byte alphanumeric characters and symbols (!$'*/^_{}|~.-@). (Uppercase and lowercase letters are differentiated.)
      • Multibyte characters cannot be used.
        You will get an error if the e-mail address you enter contains a character that cannot be used.
    • If you registered a different e-mail address by mistake, you can cancel the registration by Displaying Printer Information and selecting IJ Cloud Printing Center setup -> Delete from this service.
      To display printer information, go to the Online Manual home page, and see "Checking Printer Information" for your model.
    • You may not be able to receive the notification if you are using a spam filter. If you have a setting to receive only the e-mails from certain domains, be sure to change the setting to allow receiving e-mails from "".
      There will be no error display even if you could not receive the e-mail because of the spam filter setting or if you entered an incorrect e-mail address.
  5. Check that you received blank e-mail, and then select Yes

  6. Follow instructions in screen display, and select OK

    The registration page URL will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

  7. Check that e-mail containing URL has been sent to registered e-mail address, and access URL

  8. Enter the information according to the instructions on the authentication screen, and then select Log in

  9. When printer addition complete message appears, select OK

    The printer addition process ends, and the main screen of Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Centerappears.


    • If you select Cancel, the printer selection status does not change and the main screen of Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center appears.

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