Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

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Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center 


Using Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center

When the user registration is completed, you can log in to the Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center and use the service.

  1. Launch the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app from your smartphone or tablet

  2. Tap Cloud

    The Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center page will appear.


  3. On the Start screen, tap Start.
    Follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen and enter the information.



  • You remain logged in for 60 minutes after the last access.

After logging in, you can use useful services such as adding/managing apps that work in conjunction with this product's cloud functionality and checking the ink status.

For screen descriptions and operation instructions, see "Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center window".

Printing/scanning procedure

This section introduces the photo printing procedure by using online album of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY as an example.


  • The available functions differ depending on the app.
  • The printing procedure differs depending on the app.
  • You need to get the account and register photo and other data beforehand.
  • The following file formats can be printed: jpg, jpeg, pdf, docx, doc, xlsx, xls, pptx, ppt, and rtf.
    The file formats that can be printed differ depending on the app.
  • Before you print, check that printer is on and is connected to the network. Then start.
  • This is available if you are using a smartphone or tablet.


  • You can use CANON iMAGE GATEWAY to print jpg and jpeg file formats.
  1. On the Main screen, select CANON iMAGE GATEWAY

  2. In the displayed album list, select the album of your choice

  3. In the displayed image list, select the image that you want to print, and then select Next

  4. Make the necessary print settings, and then select Print

  5. To start printing, select OK

    A message indicating that the print job was sent appears, and printing starts.

    To continue printing, select Go to app top, and perform the operation from Step 3.
    To end the printing, select Go to app list. The screen returns to the apps list screen.


  • If a print job is not printed within 24 hours after the print job is sent, the print job will expire and cannot be printed.
  • With premium apps that limit the number of print jobs, print jobs that expire and cannot be printed are also included in the print count.

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