Easy Wireless Setup for Windows - PIXMA TS6220

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Learn how to use the Easy Wireless Connect method to set up your PIXMA TS6220 to use wirelessly with a Windows PC.


Your PIXMA TS6220 can connect to your Wi-Fi® router via the Easy Wireless Connect process.

Note These instructions are for a Windows computer. Refer to this article if you need setup instructions for a Mac®.

There are two parts to the setup process:

  1. Start the setup process on your printer.
  2. Download and install the setup software on your Windows computer.

1. Start the setup process on your printer

  1. Tap the wireless connect (A) icon on your printer Wireless connect .

    HOME screen: Select Wireless connect

  2. Tap Yes.

    Easy wireless connect screen: Select Yes

  3. When the printer preparation is complete, the screen below appears.

    Note It may take a moment before the printer is detected and the screen changes.

    Easy wireless connect screen: Follow the instructions on the computer or smartphone, etc. to perform the operation.

2. Download and install the setup software on your computer*

*You can also use the Setup CD that came with your printer.
  1. Get the setup file.

  2. Read the information, and take note of the warning messages that may appear during setup, then select Download.

  3. Select Start Setup.

    Start setup select from Start Setup screen

    Note If you use the Setup CD that came with your printer, you will see the checkbox "Use the updated software found on Internet."  If you check this, the installer downloads the latest versions of the drivers and software. To use the software on the CD, clear the check from the box, and select Start Setup.

  4. Read the network security notice and select Next.

    Network security notice with Next selected

  5. Select the appropriate region and select Next.

    Country or region selected, with Next button highlighted.

  6. Read the license agreement. Select Yes to continue.

    License Agreement with Agree or Do Not Agree buttons shown.

  7. Select Agree or Do not agree to the information request.

    Information request screen with Agree or Do Not Agree options.

  8. Select Yes to confirm the connection method.

    Check the Connection Method screen with Yes selected.

  9. Setup continues. Wait for it to finish.

    Setting Up...please wait

  10. When the network connection is completed, select Next.

    Connection completed screen, with Next selected.

  11. The drivers will now be installed. This may take a few minutes.

    Install drivers screen....please wait.

  12. Review the information during the installation.

    Processing screen, please wait.

  13. Select Start to begin a test print or Next to continue.

    Test print page with Start to test print or Next to continue.

  14. Select Next. You are almost finished.

    Setup Complete screen with Next selected.

     If you have other printers installed and you want this printer to be the default printer for your computer, select Set as default printer. Clear the check from this box if you don't want this printer to be the default.

     Selecting Abort will take you back to the beginning of the setup program. Additional software will not be installed.

  15. Select any additional software you want to add (check the box to add, or uncheck it to remove) and select Next.

    Software Installation List, with sample software chosen, then Next selected.

  16. Additional software will now be installed. This may take a few minutes.

    Install screen for Easy PhotoPrint Editor

  17. Select Next.

    You can Print from a smartphone or tablet screen with Next selected.

  18. Select Exit. You are now ready to print wirelessly.

    Install complete, select Next.

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