Set up the Wireless Connection using the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY iOS app - TS6220



Easy Wireless Connect


Wireless Setup


Use the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app to easily set up the wireless connection and to print photos saved on a smartphone or tablet

Printer Preparation

  1. Tap Wireless connect (A). 


  2. Tap Yes.

  3. When the following screen is displayed, *start the Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY application on your iOS device

    *If you don't have the app, download it from the App Store



Proceed with Setup on the iOS Device

  1. After connecting to the printer's SSID, open Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY.  You will be asked if you want to set up the connected printer.  Tap Yes.

  2. A list of networks will appear.  Tap on the name of your network.

  3. If your network has a password on it, you will be prompted to enter that password.  Type in the password for your network and tap OK.  You can tap the Show password box to display the password as you are typing it in, or after it has been typed in.

  4. The password for your wireless network will be sent to the printer.

    After a few moments, Sent the settings. will be displayed on the screen.  Tap OK.

  • In most instances, you will need to wait for your iOS device to locate the printer after the network information has been sent.  However, sometimes the printer may automatically be set up after you tap OK.  If this occurs, please skip to step 10.
  1. Your iOS device will reconnect to your network.  It will then begin searching for the printer.  Wait for a few moments, then tap on your printer when it appears.

    Your iOS device will acquire the printer's information.

  2. Your printer is now ready for use with Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY.  If you would like to print an image, tap Select images, otherwise Cancel


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Updated   01/25/2019

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