Loading Originals on Platen - TS8220
Article ID: ART171768 | Date published: 09/11/2018 | Date last updated: 02/26/2019


Loading Originals


Loading Originals on Platen

  1. Open the document cover.

  2. Load original WITH SIDE TO SCAN FACING DOWN on platen.


    • Be sure to observe the following when loading the original on the platen.

      Failure to observe the following may cause the scanner to malfunction or the platenglass to break.

      • Do not place any objects weighing 4.4 lb (2.0 kg) or more on the platen glass.

      • Do not put any pressure of 4.4 lb (2.0 kg) or more on the platen glass, such as pressing down the original.

  3. Close the document cover gently.


  • After loading the original on the platen, be sure to close the document cover before starting to copy or scan.

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